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152 today. Up from last week. Fluctuations or all the junk I've been eating?? Dunno.

I bought snowshoes a few weeks ago. Can't really afford to buy stuff, but went for it anyways. I've used them both weekends that they've been mine. Good fun.

12 mile run today, it felt good, and my pace was better than it's been lately.

it's snowing...

Weight: 150.5

It's snowing out and I did a challenging hike yesterday. These two things do not help motivate me to want to do my 11 mile run planned for today. Fear not, though, i will get out there. Just give me a little time, and maybe another cup of coffee!

Lately I've started drinking Zevia. It's a diet soda made with more natural stuff than the mainstream sodas. I'm not sure if it's really any better for the earth or my body, but I was craving pop so much, I just gave in. But, I'm still trying to avoid HFCS and other oddball sweeteners. I gotta admit, though, when it's free and available at work, I indulge.

I'm wearing my dancin' socks!

Feeling more energetic lately. Well, by "lately" I mean yesterday and today. I did a nice hour + bike ride yesterday (all flat), and got my three miles of running in today. After coming home and taking a shower post-run tonight I danced around the kitchen when good music came on my itunes, just 'cause it felt good. Definitely less tired than I was! Now, the questions are: do I need a three day weekend to feel like this? Why can't I seem to feel like this on a regular basis?


Five miles planned for tomorrow. Hopefully the ice will be not to bad.

sunday, weigh and a cookbook

Weigh in: 151

No idea how that happened...I ate so poorly thing week. Am I that dehydrated? Was I that bloated last week? Just don't know.

Yesterday's run was slow and crappy: I didn't let myself get enough sleep and it showed. Better night last night, and today's 9 miler should more energetic as a result.

I checked out a new cookbook at the library: Clean Foods, by Terry Walters. Looks like an interesting mix of nutrition, seasonal eating and environmental concern. I haven't tried a recipe, yet, but it's giving me good ideas.


not such a good week, so far

Monday: fudge cookies, 8 or so?
Tuesday: can't remember...
Wednesday: Pizza, like 5 pieces
Thursday: too little in the first part of the day, then ate 1000+ calories for dinner
Friday? Better, I hope.

I have a really poor relationship with food, my body, my self image, sleep, etc. I think a lot of this week is wound up in tiredness that has come from a weird bout of insomnia. Insomnia inspired by stress? I dunno, perhaps. Today became a rest day, instead of a 3 mile day. I missed my last rest day (Friday) 'cause I wanted to run and go snowshoeing, so this rest was probably needed, but the food surely wasn't.


Reading Wintergirls, for work, and I can see it being a not so good choice for me right now.

On a different note: I like eating natural, good, wholesome food. (I often eat too much of it, but that's another story...) The thing I miss, though? The thing I crave? Pop! Full calorie or diet, over ice, with a straw, tons of caffeine. Mmmm. I haven't found a good substitute for that, yet. Many of the more wholesome sodas (Hansen's, and the like) have decided that caffeine is a bad thing. Bummer. And coffee or tea is most definitely not a good stand in; they have caffeine, but not paired with the right taste, nor the bubbles. Alas.

Health resolutions, happy new year!

In 2010 I want to:

Finish a marathon in less than 5 hours!
Weigh 140 pounds!

I have the marathon training all mapped out. The weight part...not as much. I know if I measure and keep track of all my food, I eat better and lose weight. But, I don't know how to maintain motivation in that arena, sometimes. Here's to trying in 2010!!!


Post Christmas, pre-New Years

The family holidays were fun and delicious. I had some lovely, home prepared treats that I feel fine about having consumed. The scale might not be where I want it when I weigh myself on Sunday, but this time I don't care: traditions are worth it. :-)

Urgh, I want to train for a marathon in May, but it's challenging to get the time in when it's too cold some days (10F is too cold!), and when I have to think of my work schedule on other days. Ah well, it'll work out, there's always the weekends!! And, and! daylight will be coming back soon, so that'll help. :-) And then it'll get warmer. Ha, no problem!

Look at that: previous paragraph started out complaining, and ended up enthusiastic. Good work!

agh, run screaming!

That subject line refers to the holiday treats abound at my office. I can't say no to free food. Or I'm having a really hard time doing it. I got a huge gift basket from the volunteers at work FULL of sugary foods. Oi...I am not doing well on the foo consumption side of things.

Nice run today, the weather is warmer, but avoiding the slushy, melting snow was a bit of a challenge.

Weigh-in tomorrow. I'm not confident that it'll be good.

Sunday, weigh-in and run

Ugh, horrible run today. I did my 10 miles, but at a fairly slow pace, and with two walk breaks, and two full stop breaks (plus a bathroom pit stop, but I don't have to count those, lol). I should be able to go straight through! I just felt doped...maybe 'cause I haven't been eating enough? Or eating the right stuff? I dunno. We'll see if it's a trend.

Weigh-in Sunday: 149 (-1 from last week)

Food success for the day: made whole wheat pizza crusts for the week, a batch of chili for my lunches, and blended up some hummus (first time trying that) to dip carrots into for the next couple of days. Yay me!

I don't know quite how many calories to budget for days where I do my long runs. In theory I'm going for 1500-1800 on normal days. Sparkpeople says I burned around 1000 and my GPS says 1200. I ate about 2500 today. That sounds like a lot, but it's less than "normal + expenditures". I dunno. I suppose I should ask the marathon training group on Sparkpeople, or LJ...


Went for the planned run today after a week of not running (too cold). I did .5 less than I intended, and at a slower pace. Sigh. Part of me says, "At least I got out there!" But I wish I had been more up to the challenge.

Tomorrow is a weigh-in, and a 10+ mile run, at any pace.

Right now I have a goal of 145, and training for the Eugene Marathon in May, 2010.

I've decided to reintroduce the pay to play gimmick I used last (time? fall? spring? whenever...) to keep eating at the forefront of my mind, and hopefully help me think about my actions. I put a dollar in an envelope if I eat HFCS, office treats on non-special days, and every Sunday when I weigh in at over 145. When I hit 145 I get this envelope to celebrate. Fun. I did this with 150 and it was cool to have a built in prize at the end!